>National Novel Writing Month..


So, I saw the whispers of the word NaNoWrimo on twitter a few weeks ago. I opened the hashtag and peeked at the curious word, my inquisitory brain was intrigued. Then, a friend and critique partner asked if i was going to join in?
‘Join in?’ I thought. While my nimble fingers typed  NaNoWrimo in to the search engine.
And up popped the sight that was to make me sizzle with glee. Perfect, a reason to write and write, to almost obsessed levels. A reason to finish another full novel. Because, lets be honest, there is NO better feeling than finishing – completing- a WHOLE novel (Sorry hubby, but there isn’t) …… There isn’t!
So, I have signed myself up. I have told all of my friends, my hubby and my family, that I will be unavailable throughout November. I might make appearances to the family wedding later on in the month and my 10th wedding anniversary weekend away, and, OK, I might be able to go to my daughters school show and both of my children’s parents evenings. But that’s it!
Really, that.Is.It!
Of course I will endeavour to keep my blog updated with my success, or failure. as I attempt my first- could be last- NaNoWrimo.
Coffee will be fed to me through a drip and biscuits will be in constant supply. NaNoWrimo, It. Is. On!
 So, hello NaNoWrimo and goodbye life.
Kerri is unavailable, please leave a message after the beep……. (or at the bottom of the post ;-))
Good Luck anyone joining in on NaNoWrimo! See you at the finish line!

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